Sunday, November 28, 2004

Turky of peace T-shrit for Memes, who here (http://scremingmemes) Sybiolical oliv twig in beak and symbilical walking feet to symbolise peese marching. Did lot of trurkey research fro this design. Here is waht found; trurky from meditaerian wich was part fo Turkish Empyre in 15oo's. Tshrit also symbloically reclaiming turky from thnaksgiving roasting by putting on feathers back on. (mroe about here - Posted by Hello

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Anothre T-shrit. That enuff fro now. Wil tek ordres. Posted by Hello

T-shrit fro Daitsy.

UPdATE: just to eb clear, T-shrit request by Daitsy who here.

uPDATE UpDATE; just to xtra clearifye. wAr sTill WronG.

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One mroe T-shrit, fro conversative fashun con-science preson (shep not wear cloths only bare wol). Pease. Clover. Posted by Hello

Anothre T-shrit fro you all. Posted by Hello

Hvae mek T-shrit design for many visitor who leik brid drwaign and aks fro Tshrit. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

To shine it more lite on. Not relly undrestand this. but. Wrold a complex wolrd. Good and bad side to most thnigs. Insipring and heartdisening. I maek collarge depicteur my fellings. Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 21, 2004

bird sing this mroning. Sky with clouwds in it (overcarst). War wrong stil. Posted by Hello

Some fo you aks bout Mahmoud (he rell good). Well. All can say is. Some tihngs pesornal, even for lamsb. Here is anotehr picture. Some tinhgs best with no wrods.
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Friday, November 19, 2004

Got corerspnodsense from anohter shep today. Am answa question in pubilc if anyoen else wondring it. Here is (from meek)

dear Clover

I am a little sheep too. I have been reading your and daisy's blogs. I don't get why you both so passhunate bout wrong war (peeple). So what. Let humans kill selves then we (meek) can get on with inhereting earth.

Here is from (me to meek)

Dear Meek

Thnak you for kind wrighting. Matters. becos. Not mush left to inherit this rate.

clover (thelamb) (little.) .
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I dnot no why so big dela bout Kevin site pictures. respect to Kevin but. so what if pretedning be daed or not. Meks no different. At end of day man killed to deth and war STIL wronG still. Here is nother pictuer nad Kevin lnik (frou lesg Kev ! You right !)

UPdATE; this bout Kevin Site Pictures. (you notice? lerned how do link ! )

MOrE UPDaTE; practise how do lniks. Kevensites .

MoRE PRACTiSE UPdATE; Kevinsites kevinSites KeVinsites KeIvin sites Kevinsites Kevensites . Keveinsites.
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Thursday, November 18, 2004

This my letter to mahmoud. ( anothre sheep) (whorld wide wbe ) You thnik I should send him it ?. It just draft. If thnik I should send him I will type properley.
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Vreey improtant. You mind I run this past you ? Here is letter from anohtre shep I met (whorld wide wbe). (his nmae Mohmoud. ) .

Dear clover

I read your blog. It is good. I am a little Iraqi sheep. My name are mahmoud is lamb. I visit your links.

maahmoud islamb

What you thnik ? You thnik he nice ? (I thnik he good).

Claer up any misunstanding with freinds, I have illustrioustate my feelnigs (not naming nmaes elivetidnup.) . Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I ma so hpapy ! today I met anohter lamb online ! His name is mahmoud the sheep. He wrote me. I will rwite to him. The rwa still is wronG still. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I ma thnik teh wool being pullde over peepols eyes. I dnot care if new Scaeretry of State is weehl chiar bound merino. Dr Rice still is supproted the war still. And the war still is wrogn. still. srory to get plotical. Posted by Hello

No Pictuer Today This Mornnig

Oooh dear. I ma lamb with bad headahce this mornnig. I ma shmaed (you do not watn to no.)


Yay ! I ma so hpapy. I found anothre blog by a nanimal too. He is a bare. - TTLB . and the war is stilll swrong still too. I can vouch it for you. Here is anohtre pictuer. Posted by Hello

Monday, November 15, 2004

I dont know why TIWWB is giving up blogging. I thnik brainwahshnig. Luckally it does not rally affect me becos I am a sheep and shep can't vote so nobody has brianwahsed us. This is whta I thnik. here is anohter pictuer. Posted by Hello

I am rally rally wrorried. Daisy(the lamb) and Screaming Memes are reporting tough times. The purgers hvae begun. Anyway it is not so bad here on the farm. If yous get relly in truble you can stay wiht us here at Meadow Downs. Here is a picture and a link to Daisythelamb and Screaming Memes. And the IRaq wra still is wronG. still. Posted by Hello

TIWWWB has given up. I geuss he got brain washde. Anyways theer is still me left. And Sorrel my big sister siad she is gonna show me how to do links. here is anohter picture and here is a link to TIWWWB. .  Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 14, 2004


I am clover and this is my blog. and the iraqwar stilll is wronG still.

This is my first picture. I drwaed it with my own paw. I amean hoof. Do you like it ? Posted by Hello