Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Seasons Grillnigs

Hello. Srory fro absense. Hvae been vrey busy hleping other lamds. It roughf time fo yaer fro lambs. Espechally fro lambs in summer hemisphere. A littel thnig you might not kno about lambs in South and this time fo year. In South when it holiday seeson (nad summer) peeple hvae barbarque. This not good fo lmab.

Aslo, many young lamb-napped fro nativity scenes (shep and manger). If you lamb and this you fate, then you stufed my fren.

Am not rell religus (am lamb) but is some turth in those passages about "Lambs fo sacrifice". I cna tell you.

Anyway. As can see, is roughf time fo year fo lambs, and some us been keepnig our heds down (just popped up from basement fo fresh straw nad water and decided to risk quick blog pubilcation).

War still WronG.


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Slience Not fo the Lmabs.

So. BIG news. Daitsy and Meem's Broken UP !! Vrey ditsressing. Miss Daitsy leik rell much. Now when vsit Memes feel leik lamb from shattered fmaily. Leik wehn only hvae dad and he meks cheese toats snadwidge for 6 nights wek and tek aways for sneventh night. I ma hope Daitsy strat a blog if they not get togrether again. I ma leik lamb in wliderness othrewise. Daitsy, if you hear, ples be strong.

Lambs Fo not-slilence !!

Der Snata.

Not no why so mnay kids send lettres to Snata in Nroth pole by posit office. Course, no lettre boxes in Nroth Ploe !! Too cold fro post-peeple ! Anywhey. Mebe he red blog insted. Here lettre to Snata.

Der Snata

Wish fro pease in hole wrold. (no war. ) (jsut to eb clear).

Thnak you.

Pictuer biult fro m wRods

As said. Big time dhinger servlaiance bin gonig on. Dissapearinses and cummunicatchins am-bushes . TRUBBLES. and I ma jsut littel lmab. Never thought positing hoovedrawn skitchs would be schu thret to dhingers.

Anyway. Hvae been inspried by limitatchins to strat writing insted seenig as while pictuer positing communicatons knocked down( we just littel lamb but we wrok on fixnig).


Oh No ! Everone dissappearancing and breking nup !! BIG wrories over at Meems and Daitsys !

Oh and do not wrory bout Maahoud - he ok - I assure, he not wOLF under cloths ! But littel wrorynig thnig, we bin gettnig dhinged rell bad. As alredy mentchin, hvae probs positing pictuers.

Monday, December 13, 2004


Jsut to let anyone no I ma okay. We bin gettnig dhinged rell bad. Pictuer posting capabilties knocked dwon. Bin trynig fro weks. Wil kep wroking on it. Our dissnet will NOT be squisched.